What’s a Zoshananigan?

Zosha Millman is a freelance writer and editor writing out of Los Angeles, California. Her work focuses on TV and film criticism, and she has experience as both a news producer and reporter.

In 2019 she started at the USC’s Annenberg School of Communication, working on a Master’s in Specialized Journalism (The Arts). She also became the editor-in-chief of the arts and culture magazine Ampersand.

She is a senior editor with Bright Wall/Dark Room, an online film magazine with off-beat, deeply human takes on film and television. Zosha is responsible for copy editing the magazine, reading and reviewing submissions, updating and managing Instagram, assisting with podcast production, and editing selected pieces for publication.

In 2018 she appeared as a panelist in the Seattle International Film Festival’s “Why film criticism?” panel, hosted by Brendan Harris of The New Yorker.

In 2017 she was hired as a producer for the SeattlePI, working as a general news reporter and producer, which entailed managing the homepage, which averaged 500,000 pageviews a day, as well as Twitter and Facebook handles.

She graduated from the UW journalism program, and served as the editor-in-chief at LexBlog (specifically the network LXBN). You may also know her from the film review blog, Pulp Diction, when she can, and in general as a young adult who walks a lot.

Zosha, in front of her favorite city (and its major highway)

For now, she blogs, edits, and consumes as much media as I am able. Enjoy!

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