“To talk about the smile we have to start at the beginning”

“From some European coffee shop not so much tucked off to the side of the highway as it is planted just out of reach, he video chats with his colleague about the situation. Reflected in the video call of the phone, Logan looks old and tired; his face lingers near the edge of the screen, at once like a skittish child being reprimanded and an old man struggling with new tech. After he hangs up, digesting the news that some section of shareholders believes that he would be the best offering, he looks winded, defeated, blindsided. The camera keeps him framed against the highway, the world seeming to whiz past. This is an emperor, truly exposed and vulnerable, in touch with the real world for what feels like the first time.”

On Succession‘s season two ender, “This is Not for Tears,” for Ampersand.

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