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News and Features:

Passionade – Photogenie: On April 23, the world stopped. Maybe not everyone will remember where they were, what Seder verse they surreptitiously checked their phone during. But if you looked anywhere in the news cycle for the surrounding days only one thing reigned: Beyoncé.

Talk This Way – Bright Wall/Dark Room: Most savvy moviegoers will be quick to tell you the explosion was just big-screen shenanigans. But many forget that the accent is, too.

Alpine photography from a local master – The Seattle Times: It’s a simple room; green walls, a bench in the middle, and 32 black-and-white prints lining the walls that make up “Alpine Photography of George L. Kinkade.” But the small collection of his work provides a better sense of the prolific alpine photographer than his few self-portraits ever did.

Hard times hit camp for kids with cancer – Seattle Weekly: It’s a week of their summer where they travel out to Vashon with a group of volunteer counselors, nurses, and doctors, and their lives don’t revolve around checkups and needles. But Camp Goodtimes has fallen on some hard times.

The Sony Data Breach is Bad, but the Trend Behind It is Even Worse – LXBN: But as media delved further into the released files, it turns out the hack was a lot worse than originally anticipated—and signals a growing trend in state sponsored corporate espionage.

Obama Makes a National Paid Sick Leave Law More Appealing – LXBN: Though this won’t apply to all employers, with this new order Obama could be making a national sick leave law the easiest thing to root for.

Tort Law to Some, Sovereign Rights to Others: SCOTUS Takes on Tribal Courts – LXBN: The justices sat down and heard a case involving tribal law yesterday. And that’s got some people anxious.

Community Feature: Tub-thumping – The Daily: A look back at the late, great Tubs, graffiti-wall and art-wonder for all

The little engine that could – The Daily: UW scientists explore the possibility of fusion power

How Judicial Elections Can Become a Life and Death Game – LXBN: But, with less of a spotlight trained on them, local-level decisions are being made across he country—and a new study has found that attack ads during judicial elections are changing more than the outcome of the vote.

UW protects against gender-identity discrimination – The Daily: University of Washington takes steps to curb gender-identity discrimination

Exposing music to the ears– The Daily: UW researchers work to improve the cochlear implant

Strikers: ‘They should be treating us like equals’ – Seattle Weekly: “Occupy gave us a good narrative, and we continue to grow from that.”



Film review: ‘A Quiet Passion’ – Photogenie: Partway through A Quiet Passion Emily Dickinson’s father pleads with her to rejoin her family at church. “Your soul is not a trivial matter,” he implores her.

Film review: ‘Obvious Child’ – Pulp Diction: There are bad days, and then there are terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Brooklyn comedian Donna Stern is having one of those.

Film review: ‘7 Chinese Brothers’ – Pulp Diction: There are no Chinese people in the entire 75 minutes of “7 Chinese Brothers.” What there is a lot of, is Jason Schwartzman doin’ his thing.

Losing It: Defining Virginity – The Daily: Let people be responsible in a way they find suitable. Screw the rest. 

Film review: ‘The Amazing Spider-man 2’ – Pulp Diction: Hollywood has never met a sequel it couldn’t muddle with a multitude of villainy, and “The Amazing Spider-Man” series is no exception.